Terms of Use

In this document, ByPercent (further “Website,” “we,” or “Company) reveals terms of service use. When accessing our Website, we assume that you agree with the rules described on this page. Make sure that you read and understand them before using the Website. In case you don’t agree with the terms and conditions described below, you should not access the Website and apply for any services and offers promoted here.

We have the right to make changes to this document at any time without informing you personally. In case you continue using our services, make sure to read this page to check if any changes were made. If you don’t agree with the modifications, please avoid using ByPercent.

Website usage

We provide services to your personal use only. Accessing this Website, you agree that you will not copy, reproduce, transfer, change, or sell content located on ByPercent. You are not allowed to use the content for any commercial and non-personal aims without official written permission from us. If you break this rule, we have the right to ban your account and terminate your unlawful use of the Website or its services. All the materials, including text and visuals, belong to ByPercent and are protected by intellectual property law.  

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Users who take part in the Revenue Share Program should follow these Terms of Use as well. Please be aware that any unlawful or spam actions will be followed by the annulment of your balance and account cancellation.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Policy

Our policies comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of the United States and respond to notices about the copyright infringement expressed in this document.

We expect that all visitors and users of our Website will follow the existing copyright laws. In case we receive any notifications that prove any copyright law infringement, we guarantee to remove such content from the public access.

After applying all measures and removing such content from the public access, we are obliged to contact the copyright owners and inform them about our actions. In turn, the owners or administrators are expected to make a counter-notification and dismiss the claim.


ByPercent is not responsible for any consequences caused by your usage of the services and content provided on this Website. We strive to keep customers’ information safe and secure, but you should be aware that any operations on the web cannot be 100% protected. When you apply for the services and make online payments, you do that at your own risk.

We strive to provide accurate and actual information about the coupons, discounts, and special offers gathered from online services (social resources, online channels, UGC, etc.). The offers and deals are provided by third parties, namely the companies and services that announce them. ByPercent do not provide any of these services. This Website is an in-between member of your deal with a particular resource. We are not responsible for providing any value proclaimed in the offers, discounts, and coupons. All the goods are provided by third-party companies that announce the special offers. 

In case the third-party websites that provide special offers change the conditions or information about the deals, ByPercent is not responsible for these actions. We cannot guarantee the accuracy, suitability, pricing, or availability of the announced offers since all of them belong to the third parties. We cannot ensure that all services are error-free, exclude defects, malware, or bugs. 

Our Company is not liable for damage (direct, indirect, sequential, incidental, punitive, or any other) connected or entailed by the third-party offers located on the Website.

Liability limit

We are not responsible for any incidental or indirect harm caused by the use of advertised services, financial operations, downloaded materials, or any other actions/information entailed by the usage of ByPercent. Even if the representatives of our service were warned of the possibility of such consequences, our liability is not applied to them in any form.

This paragraph is not applied to residents of the states where the partial limitation or exclusion of liability because of mistakes is not allowed. For users of such states, the limitations are regulated by law to the greatest possible extent.

External links

Please be aware that any links to the outside sources or from the outside sources to CouponBird might be out of our control. Therefore, we are not responsible for the content accessed or damage caused to you or your equipment by the third-party sites. Whenever you visit any other website, make sure to get yourself familiar with their rules, terms, and conditions, as well as ways they collect and process your personal and non-personal information. Their methods might be different from ours, so you must be aware of their privacy policy to protect yourself before you access their goods and services. 

Your privacy

Our Company respects your privacy and pay great attention to your personal data safety. All services located at ByPercent can be accessed without revealing your personal information. 

Third-party resources

Our Website is a mediator between customers and commercial websites. CouponBird promotes offers and helps users to make choices. However, we do not sell any goods or services directly. We do not enter any commercial relationships with the visitors of our Website.

We are not responsible for the quality and accuracy of goods, services, and information you receive from the third-parties. All inaccuracies, mistakes, misunderstandings, and other issues should be solved with the product providers, not ByPercent. We cannot guarantee that the content or goods offered by the third-party websites will be satisfying or relevant. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the third-party websites you make deals with.

You must be aware of all risks connected with online purchases, coupon usage, promotions, and other offers located on online resources. You admit and understand that ByPercent are promoters that have no responsibility for possible problems you may encounter after accessing third-party resources. We are not responsible for the accuracy, legality, quality, and any other aspects of products and services you receive from the websites advertised on this platform.