Our Team of Specialists

ByPercent is a dedicated and passionate team of people who have been divided into five departments: engineering department, operations department, product department, design department, and finance department.

Each of us comes from various backgrounds and perspectives. Due to this, we have managed to come up with the kind of innovative ideas that best match our customers’ needs. Each member of our team epitomizes the very spirit of the entire group. All of us are committed to watching ByPercent grow up and develop to its full potential.

ByPercent Specialists

  • Bazhura Oksana
    Bazhura Oksana
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    Oksana has been a part of our company since the very beginning. She is responsible for both managing and optimizing most processes associated with our company operations. Oksana focuses on improving clients' satisfaction and cooperation with merchants. She always strives to ensure that ByPercent is one of the top coupon platforms.

  • Celeste Joyce
    Celeste Joyce
    Head of Marketing
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    Celeste loves her job because due to her, our customers know everything about our company, and trust us. This is Celeste who ensures the best user experience in terms of quality and quantity of coupons provided by us. At our initial startup stage, our company had to build up this trust among new clients. This is part of Celeste's job and she constantly succeeds in finding new ways to reach this goal.

  • Evan Perry
    Evan Perry
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    Evan has solid management and maintenance knowledge in terms of both websites and software. He uses his professional skills to build our website and keep its functionality. Additionally, he is responsible for the planning, construction, and optimization of our front-end architecture system. He is also responsible for Web problem support and processing.

  • Zac Newman
    Zac Newman
    Head of Customer Support
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    Zac likes the opportunity to communicate with people and help them save money. He has the necessary skills to do this as the head of our Customer Support team. Zac deals with hundreds of requests from our clients every day quickly and accurately. He helps to solve all the problems our customers might have, and cooperates with other departments to improve the general satisfactory rate of our clients.