Frequently Asked Questions

How to Cooperate with Us

How to add the store and edit coupons?

If the merchant wants to add the store or edit coupons on our website, he/she should send us the store or coupon information, and we will edit it within 24 hours.

How to delete coupons from the website?

If the merchant wants to remove coupons that he/she does not want to appear on our website, he or she should contact us and send us proof of ownership. We will remove the coupons after verification.

How to build partnership with the company?

Detailed information about the partnership with us is presented on our Partnership Page. The clients are also welcome to contact us with any questions and send partnership requests via email.

How can you help me increase my sales?

Any merchant can reach our partnership team by emailing us. Our staff will contact every client as soon as possible to discuss how we can partner with his/her business.

How to Search and Use Coupons

How to find coupons for a specific item or brand?

Users can search for a particular item or brand on our website. For example, a search request may include words like “Reebok” or “textile boots.” By selecting the appropriate keywords, the user gets a list of coupons that best fit what he or she is looking for.

How to apply an offer to a purchase?

To apply an offer to purchase, the user has to follow these steps:

  1. Examine the coupon title and description to choose the one that meets his/her requirements.
  2. For promo codes, the user has to click on “Get Code” and copy the code that appears. Then, he/she is redirected to the merchant’s page.
  3. For coupon deals, the user should click on “Get Deal.” Then, he/she will be redirected to the relevant product page.
  4. After the application of the promo code, the user receives his/her savings at checkout.
Why cannot I see any code shown when clicking on a Deal?

Here is no code provided when a user clicks on a Deal since it is a discount that is redeemed without coupon codes.

What if the coupon that I try to apply does not work?

Sometimes, it happens that the coupons do not work. In such a case, the user should ensure to copy and paste the code exactly as it is listed without any extra spaces and strictly follow the instructions. Though we work hard to validate coupons, some offers have a short validation period and expire. If the user finds an expired coupon that appears to be still valid on our page, we appreciate it if he/she contacts us to remove it.

Is there an option to delete a personal referral code if it goes against a cam-paigns rules?

If a user finds any personal referral code that goes against a campaign’s rules, we appreciate it if he/she sends us the information of the code and rules. We always delete incorrect referral codes from our website.

How to Submit Coupons found on Our Website

How to submit a coupon?

To submit the coupon, the user has to go to the Coupon Submission Page, or to a particular brand page and find a special coupon submission form.

What if I cannot submit the coupon?

If the user cannot submit a particular coupon, he or she has to make sure he/she follows the instructions attentively and fills out all the necessary fields of the form. Also, the user has to verify that he/she is not a bot.

What if I cannot find the coupon after I have submitted it?

Sometimes, the user cannot find the coupon after submission. In such a case, it is necessary to check if he/she has submitted the coupon correctly by following our directions. Coupon submissions have a 24-hour review period, and weekend submissions are typically reviewed on the following business day.

Can I change an already submitted coupon?

Users are currently unable to change the coupons submitted with our website. If necessary, the user can send us the information for his/her submission by email, and we will edit it within 24 hours.

What if I need my coupon verified?

If the user needs the coupons verified, he/she should send us the coupon information or its screenshot, and we will mark it with the verified mark after our confirmation.