ByPercent: Disclosure Policy is a resource where users can find useful information about discounts, coupons, and special offers from external third-party websites. ByPercent is a promotional and advertising platform that doesn’t provide any commercial goods. We act as an in-between party between you and sellers. On this page, we disclose the way we cooperate with other websites in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidance.

Please be aware that some of the links lead to the companies that have affiliate programs with us. When you buy products or order services from the affiliate links located on ByPercent, we get commissions from these services. Your decision to use the links and buy products depends on you entirely.

We do not receive any free goods or services from the companies that are promoted on The only income we get is affiliate commission, but not all of the links include these fees.


Regarding the fact that we do not sell any goods and services, we cannot be responsible for those sold by the other companies. We cannot guarantee that the information located on the linked websites is accurate, relevant, or up-to-date. Also, we have no control over the actions taken by the third-party websites even if we locate their links on the pages of our Website. We are not responsible for the quality, safety, usability, and legality of goods and services offered by third-party companies.

Please mind that all websites you can reach using the external links on can have their own terms of use and privacy statements. These rules can be different from those applied to ByPercent. We encourage you to get familiar with this information before applying for the services and ordering goods from any third-party websites. Mind that there might restrictions applied to coupons and offers. Learning about them and taking them into consideration is your responsibility.