Cookies Policy at ByPercent

This document explains the way uses Cookies to recognize users that visit our Website. Learn how and why we use this technology, as well as the way you can control our access to your data.

What are Cookies?

When you open, small files are transferred to your computer or mobile device. These files are called Cookies, and they allow our Website to operate properly and gather statistical data about our visitors for marketing purposes.

As a website that provides advertising information about the third-party websites and their special offers, we use first-party and third-party Cookies. Third-party Cookies support functionality and features of external resources linked to our Website. These are advertising links and other interactive content located on the pages of When you click links that lead to third-party resources, their owners might get access to your information.  

Why ByPercent uses Cookies?

We use two types of Cookies: those that allow our Website to work properly and those that track your behavior on our Website. Both of these Cookies don’t gather any information that characterizes you as an individual. They are general and mostly – technical.

Cookies of the first type are used to ensure the accurate performance of our Website. They allow tools, visuals, and features to function properly. Cookies of the second type are gathered to track and analyze your actions on We use them to learn more about your preferences and provide you with customized and useful content. Both types of Cookies allow us to improve our services and ensure the best user experience for visitors.

How to control Cookies?

Every Internet browser has settings that control Cookies. You may accept or refuse them manually. If you don’t want us to get any of your data, you can switch the Cookies function off. However, be aware that in such a case, some of the sections of ByPercent might become restricted. Cookies allow our Website to work the way we have programmed it. In case you disable Cookies, some of the functions will be out of service.

Cookies can be disabled in the settings of your web browser. If you don’t know how to do that, make sure to visit the browser’s help menu for instructions.  

Find the official guidelines on how to disable Cookies for different web browsers below:



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We have the right to change and update this Cookies Policy at any time. We may add new technologies and change the existing ones without informing each of our visitors personally. If you continue using in the future, make sure to visit this page to see if the Cookies Policy has changed. When you interact with our Website, we assume that you are aware of our policies and agree with them.